O2 is the leading provider of telecommunication services in the UK, including mobile phones, broadband and SIMs. The company has over 20 million subscribes in this country. The O2’s coverage in the UK is of a very high quality. The mobile network covers about 99% of the country.

O2 offer includes pay monthly packages and packages with PAYG SIM cards. Pay monthly plans work on the basis of 30 day contracts and give customers an opportunity to keep their existing phones and numbers. There are new simplicity PAYG SIM cards which give clients a monthly allowance. Users are given unlimited text messages and can choose other options. Monthly allowance enables them to modify their offer every 30 days. There are two main business plans which depend on the size of one’s company. The first plan is directed to small and medium businesses, and the second to corporations. There are different plans for employees who work mainly at desk or are at work but move around the office or warehouse, and for those who are rather on the move. O2 supplies also Broadband services which give the customers a wireless access to internet either at home or in their mobiles. O2 recommends Samsung galaxy tab, a touch screen Tablet which is great for clients on the move.

O2 enumerates a number of phones that are the most popular among mobiles sold by the company. These are Samsung Europa, iPhone 8GB 3G Refurb, Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite. Another bestseller is HTC HD7, exclusive to O2.

O2 is an environmentally-friendly company as it takes part in many campaigns. First of all, O2 has reduced its carbon footprint and was given a certificate of the Carbon Trust Standard. O2 introduced many solutions which aim at protection of environment. For example, it uses energy efficient systems.