Pakistan censors text messages

text messages
text messages

Pakistan government wants to fight sexting with drastic measures. The officials from Telecommunication Authority compiled a list of 1600 words which are to be censored by mobile operators.

censors text messages

Majority of the words are sex-related or expletives, but you may also find such neutral words like “idiot”, “spit” or “stupid” or even daily used ones like “harder”, “hole” or “tongue”. The list contains mostly English words as only 568 come from Urdu. The Pakistani watchdog explains that these words are obscene or obnoxious and should not be used. Carriers will have to filter all messages containing the banned words, otherwise they may face legal consequences.  The only problem are the technological means to implement such a filtering process, and it is still not clear how it can be done. But to be on the safe side of you send text messages to Pakistani mobile phones take a look at the list of banned words here and avoid using them as otherwise your message may not be delivered.