Customer service satisfaction in UK

At the end of last month Ofcom posted its survey on customer service satisfaction among British. The survey investigated landline, broadband and mobile phone operators. In the mobile phone section only the main operators were included plus Virgin Mobile. The results show that MNOs have customer service that is better than in the case of broadband and landline companies. Ofcom’s results show that the main reason behind contacting customer service was either change of package or services. O2 and Orange found themselves on the top of the list with both getting 72% satisfaction rate and only 10% of negative answers. However, Ofcom put O2 on the first spot, because according to the respondents the quality of advisors was better and customers were satisfied with the help. The last in the ranking is Three UK as it got 60% satisfaction rate, but was overtaken by only 2% as Virgin Mobile got 62%. Ofcom explains that poor satisfaction level with Three UK customer service was mainly caused by mobile coverage issues that lead to 19% of dissatisfaction with its call centre.