New dual-SIM card Nokia

Nokia is launching new mobile phones almost every month at the moment. While currently the most advertised one is Lumia 800, which is its high-tech product, but the Finnish mobile phone producer doesn’t forget about budget phones which are its main focus. Here comes the new Nokia X2-02, a brand new member of the X-Series, that has Easy Swap SIM technology onboard which allows for two SIM cards at once and up to five registered. The phone will cost 60 euros (pre-tax) and for such amount you will get a decent phone that may not have dual-core processor or top-notch video recorder, but has dual-SIM card functionality and 443-hour battery life. As it is an X-Series phone the X2-02 is focused on music. The phone has FM antenna, MP3 player, in-built loudspeaker and can record songs from the radio. Moreover, there is a 32GB memory inside and a flash card memory slot, so there is a plenty of space for your music. Nokia X2-02 features also include 2 megapixel camera, GPRS, Bluetooth and dedicated Facebook and Twitter applications. All this come in five different colors and weighs less than 100 grams. However, none of the operators have announced that it will have this new Nokia phone in its offer yet.