Christmas tree made from mobiles

One of the shopping malls from Vietnam created a strange Christmas tree. It is made from old used mobiles phones which were being collected by staff since April. They did a good job as all together they managed to gather 2500 used phones out of which a 4.5 m high tree was built.  It turns out that this tree wasn’t created without a reason. Director of Westcom Electronics Mall said that the Christmas tree reflects the situation in Vietnam, which is quickly becoming an electronics landfill.  The statistics show that Vietnamese throw away 400 tons of electronic waste just in mobiles phones. This equals to 50 million phones dumped each year, and there are around 110 million phones in everyday use.   It should be noted that there are 90 million Vietnamese, so on average there are 1.2 phone per person.

After Christmas the tree will be auctioned and the money will be given to a local charity.