Lease smartphone on O2

O2 UK announced first smartphone leasing service in the UK on Dec 10. Thanks to the service, dubbed O2 Lease, all customers may lease a smartphone at any O2 retail store. This means that they will get the smartphone for free and sign-up for a £55 or £65 tariff for a year. After the deal ends, the phone will have to be returned to O2 and the customers may take a new smartphone (and sign a new 12-month deal) or move on to another tariff or mobile provider. If you choose a smartphone with 16 GB you will pay £55 monthly, while phones with 32 GB mean monthly tariff of £65. In both cases for that money, apart from leasing the phone, you get:
750 minutes, unlimited text messages, 500 MB data and a choice of Bolt-ons.

Lease smartphone

Furthermore, the tariff includes insurance so if you happen to lose or damage your phone you have it covered. All together, it means that you can get Samsung Galaxy S II or iPhone 4S for free, or more precisely without any initial costs. The O2 Lease will also be available to small businesses.