Solution for waterproof smartphones

waterproof smartphones
waterproof smartphones
When somebody says: a waterproof smartphones, most people think of mobiles with huge amounts of rubber around it to protect it from water  or a „tough” phone produced in cooperation with JBL. However, this will change as a new invention was shown at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this year.  It is called WaterBlock, and in short it is a treatment that gives a waterproof nano-coating both inside and outside an electronic gadget. Thanks to such approach we can provide give water resistance to any electronics, without changing its design.

During CES HzO, the inventor of WaterBlock, showed how effective is its water protection solution by submerging Apple devices and some Android smartphones.  Not only did those electronic gadgets  survived but they were operating  underwater without any problems.

HzO was widely praised for its WaterBlock technology and received the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. The start-up was the most popular company covered by the media at CES, and everybody was amazed by its new solution for waterproof electronic gadget. Hopefully, the company will quickly find a good investor and we will soon not care about spilled water or toilet-diving smartphones.