Bamboo phone

KieranScott Woodhouse, a Product Design student at Middlesex University and Head Designer at ADzero, developed a smartphone made from bamboo. This new idea shows an environmental alternative to metal and plastic, which are commonly used in phones. Woodhouse is using sustainable resources  and the phone will be manufactured in China, the material won’t be hard to find, so there will be no need to import bamboo. ADzero is in design process right now, and it is yet unknown when it will be available to the masses. Initially the product was supposed to be marketed in China, but considering the buzz that it gets in the Internet, it is said that this phone will be also available in Europe and the USA. ADzero hasn’t released any technical specifications of this unique bamboo smartphone yet.


UPDATE Bamboo phone

For AD, however, disrupting the market on a grand scale isn’t important right now. Woodhouse and Lao need a successful phone launch, a foot in the door. Failure doesn’t seem to be a word in the young duo’s vocabulary, but recent design challenges have presented hurdles that have sunk many hardware startups, and AD’s not in the clear yet. We’ll soon be able to gauge public opinion on the redesigned plastic-and-bamboo ADzero and, more importantly, discover whether people are willing to buy a premium smartphone from a startup.