Second-hand smartphone

Vodafone UK has launched a new deal that offers second-hand smartphones at discounted prices. This new deal, known as The Nearly New, is mainly targeted at Pay As You Go customers so they get top smartphones at affordable prices and use more mobile internet services. Vodafone said that for PAYG customers, Nearly New deal means getting a refurbished phone with lower up-front cost, while contract customers will instead pay less monthly for phones. All of the phones are those which were returned by customers in very good conditions. Such phones are wiped clean and re-boxed with appropriate accessories.

Second-hand smartphone deal at VodafoneNearly new smartphones will be available to all PAYG customers in all Vodafone stores, while pay monthly customers can pick a nearly new phone only at selected stores or online according to stock levels. Obviously due to variations in returned handsets, smartphone models on The Nearly New deal will vary from month to month. Currently the deal includes:

iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS for Pay As You Go customers and Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X for contract-owners. To show what kind of savings Vodafone offers compare the price of a refurbished 8GB iPhone 4 available as a pay-as-you-go model for £250 with the price of £405 for a brand-new model. Pay monthly deals are not so alluring, as Vodafone announced that a nearly new Samsung Galaxy S III will be offered for free on £33 tariff, while to get a free brand new Galaxy S III you need to sign up for £37 plan at least.

All pay-as-you-go Nearly New handsets come with a 12-month warranty, while the pay monthly pre-owned devices come with 24-month warranties.