HTC Mini

HTC Mini is a new accessory to be used with new large display phones. Essentially, it is a second mini phone, hence the name, which can be used to access the basic functionality of a phone: calling, texting or accessing calendar entries. It looks like a cross of a phone from the last century and Apple’s remote controller. You can use HTC Mini not only to take calls but also to remotely access some of the other features of your main phone, such as taking pictures or setting alarm off. However, all together it sounds like a crazy idea. Why would you like to have a second phone that is paired with your main phone? To answer the question you will have to understand one of the main buzzwords of 2013 – a phablet. A phablet is word which was coined by combining the words phone and tablet and describes an informal class of smartphones with screen sizes ranging between 5 and 7 inches. That kind of devices is supposed to rise this year on the mobile phone market. A good and successful pioneer of the phablet class is Samsung Note. HTC has released its own phablet, called HTC Butterfly and some people see its massive size as a problem for daily use. To tackle such issue the producer invented HTC Mini which allows customers to use their phones without reaching deep and taking out the cumbersome Butterfly.


Whether HTC Mini will catch on is a big question. It is hard to say how practical it will be and if customers will even want to carry two phones. However, HTC Mini shows that mobile phone designers are having problems as smartphones are becoming ridiculously huge and soon they will not be practical as phones but rather will be used as a mobile computer like a tablet.