Withdrawing money with a smartphone

Smartphones have recently appeared to be useful not only for calling, writing messages and surfing the Internet. It is also not enough to pay with smartphones – soon, they will replace bank cards making it possible to withdraw money from cash machines. It is possible because PC/E Mobile Cash – app launched for Android and iOS – has been improved by Wincor Nixdorf who is also the first to integrate this service in Apple Passbook using Apple passes.


It is quite a simple process. Through the app bank customer receives QR code for the transaction. Then, the QR code is read in at cash machine. The app can also show the way to the nearest cash machine that supports Mobile Cash. Next, the customer selects the Mobile Cash function and from now on the transaction is controlled from customer’s smartphone. Additionally, a transaction PIN can be entered.

To enable customers to withdraw cash with smartphones, banks probably will have to carry out some small, but significant, enhancements. For example, they will have to add a barcode scanner to cash dispensers to read the QR code, or install client software on them to support the function.

As Stefan Wahle, Vice President of Software Solutions at Wincor Nixdorf, said: ‘Consumers are increasingly demanding innovative end user concepts – not just in payment processes with mobile wallets but also they will play a key role in interaction with cash machines in the future’. Then, the new concept of using smartphones is not surprising to be available worldwide with immediate effect for piloting by financial institutions.