Are you a “mobile-phobe”?

According to new British Telecom’s research 93 per cent of Brits are “mobile-phobes”. This kind of phobia develops while phone users are abroad. It means that using mobile in other country than UK arouses fear and results in reducing normal phone usage or ceasing it completely.

There are several reasons for which Brits abandon their mobile phone habits once they cross the borders of their country. First of all, 79 per cent have no idea of costs and thus they are anxious about expensive charges. 62 per cent don’t use mobiles or do it intermittently whereas 20 per cent don’t even dare to take mobiles while travelling abroad.  57 per cent of Brits answer only calls of the utmost urgency and 63 per cent reply only to the most important texts. On the other hand, 23 per cent never answer calls and 18 per cent never reply to texts.

Although being abroad Brits avoid using mobile phones, they still want to stay in touch with their friends and family (58%) but use text or e-mail (62%) instead of calling (25%).  Among British people travelling abroad there are only 6 per cent who feel comfortable using mobile phones. If it was not for the fear of paying horrendous bills, the number of people who would choose to call would double and the number of those texting or e-mailing would fall by a third.

BT wanting to cure the disease has launched a new free app – SmartTalk. It links smartphones to BT home calling plan and customers are able to take advantage of the inclusive call allowance in their calling plan. The app makes phone calls are billed as if customers were calling from their BT home phone. For example, five-minute call from Thailand on O2’s PAYG card standard rate would cost a total of £14.90 but using BT SmartTalk the call would be included in one’s home calling plan.