O2 Train Travel application

O2 Train Travel is a new application launched by O2. It’s live and available on Android, iOS and most BlackBerry devices, across all networks. The app enables to find the fastest train to any UK route, compare ticket prices, check timetables, buy train tickets and paying for them via O2 Wallet (or credit card), purchase mobile tickets on all available routes, reserve seats and booking tickets for multiple people, and all this without any fees or credit card charges.

 o2By letting buy mobile-tickets (m-tickets) O2 Train Ticket helps people avoid queues because it sends train tickets directly to their mobile phones. The app also saves people’s time through the possibility to pay for  multiple tickets in one single transaction, and make seat reservations on the go.

O2 carried out a research which showed that 46 per cent travelers in UK buy their ticket at the station, 80 per cent choose to buy tickets in advance and 62 per cent avoid train booking services charging a book fee. The research confirmed functionality and convenience of O2 Train Ticket application.

Managing Director at O2 Money, James Le Brocq, says that customers no longer use mobile phones only to make calls and send texts thus O2 wants to meet their needs and constantly improves its services. For example, last year they launched O2 Wallet enabling customers to pay with mobile money and now the launch of O2 Train Ticket application confirms company’s approach.