Online PAYG phone upgrades at CPW

Now you can upgrade your phone online using Carphone Warehouse website as long as you have been with an operator for 6 months.

On May 17, Carphone Warehouse launched a new service for Pay As You Go SIM card users which will enable them to upgrade their phones to models like Nokia Lumia 520 or Samsung Galaxy Ace. PAYG upgrade is an offer that lets you get a new phone at a discounted phone, however, you will need to have a PAYG SIM card from one of the main operators (O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone or Virgin) and be their customer for 6 months. The terms and conditions vary depending on operator, but generally you will need to have a PAYG SIM card for half a year and use it once or twice in that period. If you eligible for that offer, you may get a new phone with up to 40% discount (usually around 10-15%) using Carphone Warehouse website.

Online PAYG

To sum up, the benefits of PAYG upgrade is that you can keep the same tariff, the same phone number and get a new phone at a better price. It sounds like a fair deal, and it has been available at Carphone Warehouse outlets before but you should remember that you will get better discounts if you request an upgrade online.

CPW seems to have other PAYG offers in the pipeline that will be launched later this year. Carphone Warehouse Europe CEO Roger Taylor said: ‘Prepay remains a big part of our business. As a specialist we see this as our role to be strong in contract, Sim-only and prepay.’