A SIM card bug makes it hackable

Security experts have found out a security flaw that may make some SIM cards vulnerable to hackers

SIM card bug

SIM card bug. There are over 7 billion SIM cards in use around the world and all of them are carrying personal and delicate data such as subscribers’ identity, phone numbers, account details, etc. However, we tend to think that SIM cards are very well protected and the coding standard being quite reliable cannot be hacked so easily. This notion may have to change soon as people from Security Research Labs claim that they have pinpointed a security bug that could potentially affect millions of SIM cards. The issue is connected with over-the-air (OTA) updates which can be sent to a SIM card via a text message.  Cryptographers from Security Research Labs found a way a crack such SIM update keys and get access to a SIM card remotely. Then through that security hole they successfully can do such things like copying the SIM card and all the data in it, installing malware that may for example send texts to premium numbers.

The good news is that only older SIM cards can be hacked this way and it is estimated that 1 out of 8 may be affected. Nevertheless, this still means that more than half a million SIM cards can be hacked via an SMS.  Security Research Labs have some suggestion on how to prevent your SIM card from being hacked using OTA on their website. They have also announced that their research will be presented at Black Hat security conference on July 31 in Las Vegas.