O2 TU Go to use a SIM card on many devices

O2 customers can now use an application to have one SIM card in many devices.

O2 TU Go is a new application, currently available only to Pay Monthly customers, that allows customers to use the same number (account) on up to 5 devices simultaneously.  To use it you need to be an O2 customer and download the application (it is supported by iOS, Android and Windows). Then after logging in with your O2 phone number, you can text or call via the app as if you were using your phone. The recipients do not need to have this app installed; they will receive a normal call or a text message as if you were calling or texting from your mobile phone.  This means that you can use your allowance on up to five devices at a time. What’s even better is that you don’t need to have mobile coverage as all the data transmission can be done via the Internet. The only time you need to have a signal is when you register in O2 TU Go for the first time.


At the first glance this application may have limited use, but if you think about it, sometimes it might be irreplaceable. For example, when you are in an area without mobile coverage or with low mobile coverage but a Wi-Fi broadband connection or when your phone’s battery is flat and you need to make that important call. It also creates an opportunity for customers who want to share the same number and use their monthly allowance together.

As with any new application, customers report some glitches and bugs but in general O2 TU Go works fine. If O2 customers will take up this application, the mobile provider will develop versions for business customers and PAYG SIM cards too.