Cheapest PAYG

ASDA wants to lure more customers by offering the cheapest PAYG mobile phone in the market.

ASDA seems to want to tap into budget customers who want to get affordable mobile phones at lowest cost possible. To do so the supermarket chain introduced a PAYG mobile phone on the cheap for merely 5 pounds. Surprisingly, the price is exactly just £5 as customers are not made to purchase any additional top-ups or sign up for any special tariff. Additionally, the phone comes with a T-Mobile PAYG SIM card.

Cheapest PAYGThe phone in question is Alcatel 1010. This handset is a very simple device and it has only basic features such as MP3 player, 3MB of memory and a wireless FM radio. If you are looking for a cutting-edge phone then Alcatel 1010 is not your choice, however, this feature phone is a very practical device if you want to use it just to call and text. It weighs around 60g, its dimensions are 106x46x13mm, and it has a small 1.45” screen with 65k colour display. This gives the phone long battery life which is a rarity in today’s world of power-hungry smartphones.

ASDA is not the first store to introduce extremely cheap mobile devices.  Earlier this year, Tesco launched its own-branded tablet Tesco Hudl. Again it is not a state-of-the-art device but a sturdy and affordable budget version of popular tablets.  Supermarket chains aim at people who look for new ways to save money and the period before Christmas is the season for saving money to spend it on gifts.