ASDA Mobile updates its PAYG rates

ASDA Mobile, in wake of the move to EE, has rolled out a new PAYG tariff that is up-to-date with current mobile market. This was done in hope to attract more customers interested in pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

ASDA mobileASDA Mobile not only has made a big decision to move to EE’s network, but also significantly lowered its PAYG tariff. The change comes to a great benefit of customers as the majority of rates went down by 20 to 33 per cent. New ASDA has kept its one flat tariff, but cut the call rates from 10p to 8p per minute, while texts costs now just 4p in contrast to 6p before. Moreover, the MVNO used to have a bit complicated rate for data: 75p for first 25MB a day and 50p/MB thereafter. If you only used 25MB per day it meant that 1MB cost 3p, however, if you just used one more megabyte, 26MB, then the price per MB increased to almost 5p. Obviously, the average cost sky-rocketed with each additional MB of data. Right now ASDA Mobile offers a flat fee of 5p/MB.

Current and new ASDA PAYG SIM card owners can now also take advantage of new bundles.  From previous 4 bundles, the provider evolved to 6 bundles that offer more flexibility and may cater for needs of modern smartphone users (for example data bundle: £5 for 500MB). In general, the new bundles offer twice as much allowance for the same price, although unlimited texts in old bundles are changed to 2000 texts in the new ones.

Full data on the new ASDA PAYG SIM card offer is available on their website at .

3 thoughts on “ASDA Mobile updates its PAYG rates

  1. Keith Openshaw

    It sounds good but they have gone down the rip off 3 route and your payg credit doesn’t carry over so it’s a monthly contract, I am looking elsewhere as I am a low minutes user and a monthly sim is more expensive and I will be cut off with credit outsanding, I wish I had stayed with Vodafone, at least I knew where I stood and my phone is locked to Vodaphone anyway

    • Jeff

      Hi I have just bought a sim from Asda, 5p, and was assured that the £10 that I put on will last forever.

      • Keith Openshaw

        Perhaps they have changed but when I enquired the top ups only lasted monthly and as my phone is locked to Vodafone as well I am now using sainsburys payg I had a bit of trouble at first as they said it only lasted a month, I then found out that if you don’t use the bundle they offer and just top up without a bundle it lasts forever, perhaps asda are doing it as well but I wasn’t told that when I enquired so I didn’t take up their offer of a new sim card, as they don’t use Vodafone and I don’t want to buy another phone I just went with someone that did.

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