ASDA sim card on EE service.

ASDA jumped ships from Vodafone to EE as of November 25th, 2013, thus providing its customers different mobile coverage and potential 4G service in the future.

ASDA mobileASDA Mobile, the supermarket MVNO, decided to start piggybacking on EE’s network instead of staying with their old partner, Vodafone. This transition happened on November 25th, 2013 and any new customer who joined ASDA after that day will receive a PAYG SIM card that works with EE. ASDA’s old customers are able to use their current SIM cards without a problem until April 30th, 2014; however, they will not be able to benefit from EE’s mobile coverage as their SIM cards will connect via Vodafone’s network. If they still want to use ASDA as their provider they need to exchange their SIM cards by the end of April 2014. To do so, they will need to follow few easy-to-follow steps.

First of all, old customers need to order a free new ASDA Mobile PAYG SIM card, which can be done via ASDA’s website. Then they need to request a special Unique Offer Code via a text. The next step is to insert your new ASDA SIM card, turn on your phone and enter your Unique Offer Code with a special syntax. This will automatically initiate the phone number transfer process, which should finish in 2 to 5 days. After that period you will be notified that the new ASDA Mobile service on EE works and your number has been transferred. Additionally, the Unique Offer Code also grants you a free welcome bundle (100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB for 30 days).

ASDA Mobile recommends using up all the credit on your old ASDA PAYG SIM card before making the switch, however, if you forget to do it by the end of April 2014, ASDA will deliver a refund. It will come either in form of free credit on a new SIM card or an ASDA Gift Card.

The MVNO boasts that their partnership with EE gives their customers access to mobile coverage of 99% in the UK. As of today, there were no announcements about possible cooperation with EE in terms of providing 4G mobile coverage to ASDA customers.