Feel At Home

Three UK added the USA to its range of countries in ‘ Feel At Home ’ offer, which allows customers to use their plan’s allowance or add-on allowance while being in ‘Feel At Home’ countries.

Feel At Home‘ Feel At Home ’ is Three UK’s free service that enables both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers to use their mobile phones without any roaming fees. It lets the customers use the plans or bundles that they have signed up for before starting to charge them for roaming. The service itself is free and it is turned on automatically when international roaming is activated. The only requirement that customers need to fulfil is being a Three UK customer for more than 30 days.

By adding the USA just before the Christmas season, the operator increased the number of countries included in the deal to 11. These are the USA, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, as well as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau and Sri Lanka.

If you are Three UK customer, remember to purchase an add-on before you go to one of the destinations listed aboce. Although, the operator have also thought about absent-minded people, because if you are a Three UK pay as you go SIM card user, you will get special lower roaming rates when using your phone in those 11 countries.

Before you go abroad, remember that not all devices may work outside. For example, American networks require a quad-band device to connect to. All new smartphones are quad-band, but if you have an older one it is better to check the specifications before you leave.