Free calls

The telecommunications watchdog announced earlier this month that it plans to make ‘ Freephone ’ numbers genuinely free from mobile calls

Ed Richards, Ofcom Chief Executive, said that enforcing free calls to numbers beginning with 0800, 0808 and 116 is a milestone move that will influence customers as nothing else in the last ten years. Ofcom made the decision to impose free calls to 0800 numbers from mobile phones, because a lot of customers were confused about the rate of such calls. This comes from the fact that those ‘Freephone’ numbers are really free from landlines but not from mobile phones. Ofcom also emphasized that for some Brits having an opportunity to call certain organisations is still the main communication method rather than using the Internet, emails or apps.

Apart from guaranteeing that 0800 numbers are free to call, Ofcom has also implemented a limit for the call costs to 09 numbers and will try to clear the confusion when calling 0845 numbers.

All of the announced changes will be implemented in the next 18 months, so customers will have to wait a bit before they can call ‘Freephone’ numbers for free.

Ed Richards said: “Freephone will mean free for all customers, and the cost of calling other services will be made clear. Telephone users will be able to see how much they’re paying, and where their money is going.”