Mobiles on planes

Mobile phones can now be used on board of a plane
Will people start using their mobiles on planes?

British Airways allowed passengers to use electronic devices (including mobiles) during take-off and landing but they have to put their device into flight mode.

This new idea to abolish the ban on electronic devices on planes comes after the European Aviation Safety Agency issued new guidelines in which they deem it safe to use electronic devices during landing and take-off. Previously, the recommendation was to have all devices switched off as they might disrupt proper functioning of the aircraft’s systems.

British Airways was the first airline to amend their rules due to new guidelines from European Aviation Safety Agency. From December 20, all passengers are allowed to use their electronic devices during the whole flight. Definitely, a lot of people will be happy to hear the news as the previous rules were troublesome and irritating. However, not everybody is happy with this turn of events. There are those that fear that next step will be to allow calling while on plane.

In reality, American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ventured this idea and voted 3-to-2 on the proposal to lift that ban. There need to be another voting before Americans will be allowed to call while flying. However, two major airlines Delta and JetBlue have already announced that they will never allow passengers to call while on the plane, because this will cause too much chaos and lower their service quality.  Delta Air Lines said that if the government would force them to allow mobile connection on aircraft, they would allow texting, e-mailing and accessing the Internet as long as it is done silently.

Interestingly, British Airways passengers can already send texts and access Wi-Fi when travelling from London to New York City.