Carphone Warehouse invests in in-store tariff checker

CPW, a phone dealer, announced additional investment in their tariff comparison system called Pin Point.

Carphone Warehouse CPW invests in tariff checker system
Carphone Warehouse CPW invests in a tariff checker system

The company decided to spend more money on the development of their tariff checker system Pin Point. It is a tablet-based solution that is available at Carphone Warehouse outlets. Thanks to it, customers are able to input their requirements and monthly allowance and the system will analyse the data and display tariffs available on the market. Pin Point has around 92,000 phones and tariffs both for PAYG SIM cards and PAYM ones in its database.  Besides checking available tariffs the system shows mobile coverage available in customer’s area and tells what the value of trade-in phone will be.

Carphone Warehouse CPW believes that in-store system will better reflect their customer habits as research show that more than half of them prefers human interaction and advice from shop assistants rather than just interaction with a machine.   In-store tariff checker, like Pin Point, combines the analytical powers of a computer with the human touch of shop assistants.

In the beginning the company invested 10 million pounds into system development and deployment in all their stores, as well as staff training. The money was spent on purchasing and installing devices in around 770 retail outlets and 3 million pounds went just on training. Now, they will spend another 10 million to make it work better and to ensure that the customers can benefit from it.