Tesco smartphone

Will Tesco smartphone be competition for other phones?
Will Tesco’s smartphone be competition for other phones?

Tesco Mobile plans to introduce its own high-tech Tesco smartphone in the near future.

Tesco CEO, Philip Clarke has shared his plans of his company in a BBC Radio 5 programme Wake Up to Money and revealed that Tesco will bring in its own-branded smartphone. It is rumoured that the handset will be comparable to Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of specifications. Its operating system will surely be Android. Moreover, the phone will come with all Tesco services pre-installed.

The idea of creating a Tesco smartphone came from Tesco Hudl, the supermarket chain’s tablet. The affordable Hudl turned out to be a success as the company has recently revealed that it has sold over 500,000 units and is planning to release Hudl 2 in September this year.

Unfortunately, neither Phillip Clarke nor any other Tesco official has disclosed any precise information about the smartphone’s price, availability or specifications.  This means that right now we just have a confirmation that a Tesco phone is in the pipeline and we will see it sometime this year. However, if Tesco does not change its strategy, we might probably get a phone that delivers the specifications at Samsung Galaxy level and at rock-bottom prices.