4G PAYG bundles at no extra cost

O2 wants to regain some of their lost PAYG customers
O2 wants to regain some of their lost PAYG customers – 4G PAYG

On May 29, O2 launched new bundles for pay as you go SIM cards which include 4G Internet (4G PAYG) at no extra costs.

The oxygen operator has moved on to support its market share in pay as you go SIM cards by introducing competitive bundles that give access to 4G speeds at no extra costs. This move is definitely aimed at EE, its biggest competitor, which offers 4G services to its PAYG customers at an additional fee and at rallying their customers in hope to increase the adoption of 4G.

O2’s new bundles called Big Bundles come in 3 different sizes priced at £10, £15 and £20. The allowance that those bundles include doubles with each size. Therefore, the smallest bundle offers 100 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MB, the middle one then gives you 200 minutes, 2000 texts and 1 GB, while the last one consist of 400 minutes, 4000 texts and 2 GB of data. However, only the £15 and £20 bundles include 4G transfer speeds. If those allowances are not enough, then PAYG SIM card customers can select one of additional data add-ons: 100 MB for £3, 500 MB and 20 MMSs for £6 and 1 GB with 50 MMSs for £10.

If we compare Big Bundles to other pay as you go deals that include 4G, we can see that it is not the middle. It’s because Three UK offers the best price for 4G services as it provides it to all PAYG customers at no extra costs, while EE’s comparable prepaid deal costs £19.99 for 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB of 4G data. Obviously, in terms of mobile coverage EE is currently unmatched, but O2 is quickly catching up and hopefully Three UK will also speed up the 4G deployment process to get full national coverage this year.

We welcome any such developments on the market as it proves that 4G is starting to be considered mainstream technology and sooner or later it will be treated as a standard service and not a premium one.