Three UK turns on free roaming in 5 new countries

Three UK extends it free roaming deal
Three UK extends its free roaming deal

Three UK announced adding five new countries to their Feel At Home deal which enables using UK allowances when abroad (free roaming).

Feel At Home is Three UK’s offer for travellers that want to save money on mobile costs when staying abroad. Essentially, the deal, launched in August last year, allows Three’s customers to use their allowances when they are in eligible countries. The allowance can be used to use data or call and text British numbers. Feel At Home is free of charge and it switches on when you enter one of the selected destinations. The offer is available to all types of customers but if you have a Three PAYG SIM card than you have to remember to convert your credit to some Add-ons in order to take advantage of Feel At Home.  All this means that Three UK has almost effectively turned off roaming charges in 16 countries.

Initially, Three UK kicked off Feel At Home with seven destinations: Australia, Denmark, Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. In December 2013, there were four other countries added: Indonesia, Macau, Sri Lanka and the USA. Now on July, 1 2014 we will see five other places included in the deal: Finland, France, Israel, Switzerland and Norway. This brings it to total of 16 destinations where your normal allowance will be used.

There are however few restrictions concerning Feel At Home. First of all, tethering is forbidden and if you have All-you-can-eat tariffs than you may not use more than 25GB, send 5,000 texts or call longer than 3,000 minutes. I doubt that such restriction should make anybody feel uncomfortable. Additionally, Three UK proposes this deal only to people who are on holiday or on business trip abroad, so if you plan to stay in one of the countries for longer you might be cut off from using your allowance abroad. Secondly, pay as you go SIM card owners have to remember to get some add-ons and remember to replenish them when they are out of allowance. However, you can always buy add-ons through My3 app. Thirdly, you cannot call numbers that start with 070, 09 or 118.

All in all, we see a positive move of operators such as Three UK that reduce roaming costs not only in Europe (to comply with EU laws) but also all around the world in popular destinations. Moreover, it is also nice that such deals are introduced also for PAYG SIM cards.