Vectone includes international calls in its all-in-one bundle

Are you interested in money saving all-in-one bundle?
Are you interested in money saving all-in-one bundle?

The international MVNO launched a new deal which comprises of national calls, texts and data, as well as international airtime.

Quite recently MVNOs focused on international calls have started offering comprehensive bundles that include all you need for local calls but also caters for the needs of customers who call abroad. Nowadays, you can get one of such bundles for Vectone PAYG SIM cards at a fairly low cost. This MVNO’s bundle known as All-in-One Pocket Saver literally saves your money. Vectone gives away unlimited text and data, 500 minutes for national and international calls as well as standard unlimited calls and texts to other Vectone numbers. All the above costs £10 a month. At the first glance, the deal looks amazingly good, but obviously there are some conditions which make this PAYG SIM card deal less generous but still a very competitive one.

First of all, you get 500 minutes for national and international calls and you can mix and match them. This makes the bundle very flexible, because you might just need 50 minutes for international calls one month, while in the other 200 minutes. However, the destinations you can call are limited to 25 countries from around the world (a complete list is available here). Then, unlimited texts and data are not really unlimited. In terms of texts, you can send no more than 3000 UK texts and you can’t send more than 200 a day. Supposedly, this limit is more than an average PAYG SIM card user needs but there are some heavy texters out there who might need more. The biggest disappointment is the data limit as Vectone offers 3GB in this bundle and tethering is unavailable. Again this is quite a lot of data but not nearly enough for some people. Finally, remember that All-in-One bundles at Vectone are valid for 30 days from the activation day and any unused allowance will be lost.

Nevertheless, All-in-One Pocket Saver is a nice deal for pay as you go SIM cards and if you are interested in getting it, you may subscribe by dialling *1028# from your Vectone PAYG SIM card.