Free 4G for PAYG at Tesco Mobile

Tesco gives out 4G for free
Tesco gives out 4G for free!

Tesco Mobile has decided to let their PAYG SIM card users use 4G service at no extra cost.

Mobile operators are starting to treat 4G service as a standard service that should be given out to their customers without additional charges. Tesco Mobile joins the trend as they announced that all their pay as you go customers will be granted 4G speeds at the same price as 3G.

Previously, only Tesco monthly customers could experience 4G without paying anything extra; however, as of July 25, all Tesco PAYG SIM card users will also be able to avail 4G without a premium. In order to fully take advantage of 4G, the supermarket MVNO added extra 4G data bundles that range from tiny 500MB packs up to massive 8GB add-ons. If you do not want to commit yourself to any extra data package, you will still pay just 10p for 1MB.

Tesco piggybacks on O2, which means that customers have a decent 4G mobile coverage in most urban areas and the network is gradually expanding in all of the UK, so it should have good mobile coverage in the whole country in no time.

The mobile operator explained its move by saying that current world is in need of fast access to the Internet and huge bandwidth. Additionally, they did not find any reason why PAYG SIM cards should be treated differently than PAYM ones and that is why they decided to give all their customers 4G service for free.

Telecommunications pundits sees Tesco’s move as yet another step towards ubiquitous 4G in the UK. They also emphasized that what Tesco did gave them an edge over their competition. Making 4G affordable to PAYG SIM card customers is a direction that should be taken by all operators. If such mobile providers like Virgin Mobile or giffgaff do not keep up with Tesco and its likes then they will miss out on 4G.