New mobile insurance plans at EE

Do you have your own mobile insurance plan?
Do you have your own mobile insurance plan?

EE customers don’t have to worry about breaking or losing their handsets with two new mobile insurance covers.
Mobile insurance plans are a new type of offer provided by operators due to customers’ needs to feel safe when using upmarket smartphones. EE has widened its offer in this manner by providing two new insurance plans: Full Cover and Damage Cover. The first one is for £10 while the other costs £6.5 a month.
Full Cover for just 10 quids a month is a comprehensive insurance that protects customers against loss, theft or damage. Additionally, all will be processed within the same or next day that the claim was submitted. Customers on Full Cover will also benefit from up to 50% discount on mid-contract upgrade and get a free subscription to a security app.
On the other hand, Damage Cover that costs 6.5 quid a month only focuses on accidental damage. This insurance plans will replace your broken handset if there is such need and it will be done on the same or next day.
Kate Horler from EE said: “We’ve evolved our insurance packages to help minimise the disruption this causes and provide even greater piece of mind and exclusive benefits to our customers.”