Vodafone kicks off with 4G for PAYG SIM cards

Vodafone goes live with 4G PAYG SIM cards
Vodafone goes live with 4G PAYG SIM cards

Vodafone PAYG SIM card users will be able to choose one of three add-ons to experience 4G speeds at reasonable prices.

One year after Vodafone launched its 4G network for contract customers it rolled out 4G for pay as you go.  The operator’s 4G customer base has risen to over 1 million during the last year and the company wants to tap into the PAYG market to expand further.

Vodafone PAYG SIM card customers can choose one of three Freedom Freebees to experience 4G speeds. The price of these add-ons is £20, £30 and £40. The cheapest one comes with 2GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. The medium one gives you 4GB of data and unlimited airtime and text messages. The difference between the £30 bundle and the £40 one is that the latter provides 6GB of data. That’s not the only thing that 4G Freedom Freebees have to offer. Both the £30 and the £40 freebee offer Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV for free. Customers should know about this so called entertainment package from Vodafone’s contract deals. Sadly Netflix has been excluded from the package for PAYG SIM card customers.

Moreover, Vodafone wants to let their customers try out 4G by giving each customer unlimited 4G data when they get a 4G Freedom Freebee for the first time. Thanks to this, people can assess how much data they use while surfing with ultra-high speeds.

Vodafone recommends three 4G handsets to pair with their PAYG SIM cards: HTC Desire 610, Nokia Lumia 635 and their branded phone Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo. HTC is the most powerful and obviously the most expensive of these as, on PAYG, it costs £140. Lumia is a comparable smartphone and costs £120; however Vodafone’s Smart 4 Turbo is the cheapest 4G entry-level phone and while it does not have the best specifications it costs just under £80.

Vodafone’s 4G mobile coverage is not the best around but still there are 304 towns and cities covered by the network. The coverage is expanding gradually and hopefully in near future it will encompass the whole country. This did not stop Vodafone from amassing a significant customer base and now they seem to have hopes to lure prepay customers too.