International calls for less than 1p/min

PAYG International call rates go below 1p/min
PAYG International call rates go below 1p/min

Vectone Mobile breaks the 1p per minute international call rate and cuts it by half.

MVNOs have been competing  to offer the best rates for PAYG SIM cards. Some virtual operators fight on national rates, but majority of them want to provide the cheapest international call rates. For long time operators were luring customers by offering rock-bottom rates of 1p per minute for international calls. Not all of them have such prices but all strive to get there and customers got used to having very low international pay as you go rates.

However, Vectone Mobile went one step further and decided to break the 1p per minute line. Currently if you use Vectone PAYG SIM card you can take advantage of call rates of 1/2p. Yes, that’s half a penny for one minute of international airtime.  Such a low rate is available for calls to 7 countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland and Romania. But it is valid for landline calls only. The half a penny rate is part of Low Cost International Calls offer in which Vectone offers their PAYG SIM card users call rates of 1/2p or 1p per minute. The higher-but-still-low rate of 1p per minute applies to 40 countries all over the world and is valid mostly for landline numbers but also includes mobile numbers. All of this comes without any hidden catches or fine print, you just need to be Vectone PAYG customers.

Vectone Mobile’s new international deal is definitely a game change for PAYG SIM card market in the UK. Most likely it will mean that the competition will have to adapt by offering rates better than, or at least as good as, this offer.  Although, I do not know how lower can you get. It seems crazy to think that in the future we will have international call rate for PAYG SIM card of less than 1/2p per minute.