Lebara increases PAYG SIM tariff

Will customers complain about Lebara PAYG rates rise?
Will customers complain about Lebara PAYG rates rise?

Lebara UK announced small changes in their PAYG SIM card tariff, which means slightly higher rates.

It is always unwelcomed when an operator decides to increase their rates. This time it’s one of the most established MVNOs, Lebara, that informed about price hikes for their pay as you go SIM card users. The operator announced to their customers about the change 30 days before the updated tariff comes into force (October 1).

If you are a Lebara customer you should not be too concerned about this tariff increase. The MVNO decided to increase their PAYG SIM card rates just by 1p. The affected rates are domestic landline and mobile calls, texts, voicemail and data. This means that instead of 15p per minute/text or MB consumers will pay 16p. This is the lowest possible hike and standard PAYG SIM card users should not feel much difference, however if you look at it percentage-wise the MVNO changed the rates by roughly 6,5%. In business terms it may bring them a lot of extra revenue, however Lebara UK core business is providing cheap international call rates and this part of their PAYG SIM card tariff wasn’t included in this upcoming tariff update.

Interestingly, as of today Lebara hasn’t updated the price of their bundles and bolt-ons for PAYG SIM cards. If you are with Lebara and rely on their UK Plus, Lebara Freedom, Data Pass or any other package, then this price hike will not affect you at all.

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  1. flyinghorse1985

    The mentioning of Oct 1st was just to announce another price increase by Lebara as Lebara increased the prices again to 19p per minute on Oct 1st. Please check their website.

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