Europe legalizes the usage of mobile phones on planes

Do you look forward to making in-flight calls?
Do you look forward to making in-flight calls?

Consumers will be soon able to make in-flight calls in Europe without any safety issues.

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) allowed all electronic devices to be left on and connected throughout the whole flight. As a result, passengers should be able to make calls while on board using their own phones. This means that EASA finally deemed mobile phones, or any other personal electronic devices, not to be dangerous for aircraft systems and now passengers should be able to use their phones without restrictions in Europe. There will be no need to switch the phones to “Airplane Mode” or to stow them away for the duration of the flight.

Unfortunately, it does not mean that from Monday people will be able to use their phones and chat while on board. EASA decided that their safety ruling is just a guideline so it all depends on the goodwill of the airlines. It is up to them to decide which personal electronic devices are allowed and during which part of the flight. Supposedly, air carriers should now run some tests to establish whether mobile phones or other electronic devices endanger the safety of their passengers. EASA predicts that within 8 months or so we will see first airlines implementing new safety regualtions concerning electronic devices.

Now consumers having nothing else to do but wait for the infrastructure to be installed. In the future, we should see on-board WiFi as well as mobile coverage. It creates a vast array of opportunities for operators to introduce services for passengers. Maybe we will see even some kind of 10,000 feet MVNO with special PAYG SIM cards for passengers travelling with European airlines.