Lebara increases PAYG rates more than expected

Will customers complain about Lebara PAYG rates rise?
Will customers complain about Lebara PAYG rates rise?

Consumers might be surprised by Lebara’s increase of PAYG SIM card rates by around 25 percent.

Last month we reported that Lebara announced a change in their tariff for PAYG SIM cards. The MVNO’s website showed that rates were supposed to be raised by 1p. Lebara officially informed its customers about the upcoming change and gave them plenty of time to react to the tariff increase.

It turned out, however, that the price hike introduced by Lebara is more than they advertised on the website in September. On October 1, the customers were surprised to see that PAYG SIM card rates grew to 19p. The hike involved mobile and landline rate, text messages, mobile data and voice mail. Previously abovementioned prepaid rates at Lebara were at 15p. This makes Lebara PAYG SIM card offer less competitive than their competition and it seems that they fall behind other MVNOs.

Such a huge rise is not often seen on the British market, customers might not welcome it considering that prices changed by over 25%. Have you been affected by the price increase at Lebara? Are you planning to switch the operator because of it?