Free data for Christmas for new EE PAYG SIM cards

Did Santa make you move to EE? Free data
Did Santa make you move to EE?

EE is giving out free 100MB of monthly data allowance to all new pay as you go customers who register before Christmas.

The Halloween is not yet over but we are starting to see first Christmas offers popping out here and there. The first mobile operator to jump the gun on Christmas deals is EE. Their new promotion is aimed at new customers who choose PAYG SIM cards. The Christmas deal includes affordable smartphones and tablets paired with a free monthly allowance of 100MB of data.

In terms of PAYG smartphones, EE offers quite a nice bargain on Nokia Lumias 635 as they are sold at £99. It is an attractive price for a phone that supports 4G speeds. But the 4G operator doesn’t forget about tablet-users as it prepared a good deal for 4G tablet as well. The slate on offer is Alcatel ONETOUCH POP 7S, which is a moderate device in terms of technical specifications but at this price it’s an entry-level device that may be one of the cheapest on the market so far.

The second part of the Christmas offer is a monthly allowance of free 100 MB of data to new PAYG SIM card phones and SIM-only customers. In order to be eligible to receive it, you need to top up your account by as little as £5 not later than on January 4, 2015. In terms of tablets, the SIM card needs to be registered online and this will have to be done by February 6, 2015. From then on, every 30 days you will receive 100MB of data as long as your PAYG SIM cards are active. EE hasn’t declared how many times you will get this allowance, but we might safely assume that it will be on to the end of 2015.

In order to qualify for this deal you need to move to EE and get a PAYG phone/tablet deal or just a PAYG SIM card by December 28, 2014 for phones and January 31, 2015 for tablets.

The biggest 4G operator in the UK definitely brought an interesting Christmas gift for mobile fans. Obviously, one may say that 100MB is not much especially considering 4G speeds. But to put it into perspective with 100MB you could browse the Internet for 4 hours, send 2000 WhatsApp messages or download 20 tracks. No the worst present PAYG SIM card customers could have got.