PAYG SIM card owners are the happiest telecoms customers

Are you also satisified with your PAYG SIM card?
Are you also satisified with your PAYG SIM card?

Recent survey showed that pay as you go customers are more satisfied with their deals than contract customers.

Recently Top Cashback has revealed the results of research that investigated how happy with their tariffs mobile phone customers are. The figures are staggering as 90% of PAYG SIM card users said than they are happy with their payment plans. On the other hand, contract customers were not so content with their tariff as only a bit over 60% said that they are pleased with it. Additionally, over 50% of contract customers switched operators to find a cheaper deal. At the same time 75% of people with PAYG SIM cards believed that their operators offer them the lowest rates on the market, even though less than 60% admits that they were actually comparing tariffs and looking for the best deal.

Such findings may lead to a conclusion that people are not too happy about being tied to a mobile operator for a year or two. They also quite rightly reckon that PAYG SIM cards have the best tariffs available on the market. Unfortunately, it turns out that the majority of Brits don’t thoroughly look into what all operators can offer. We always encourage people to go through current offers and tariffs that both main operators and MVNO provide. You could browse through the information on PAYG SIM card tariffs that is available here at and click on the SIM card links to get to websites of respective operator in order to have an in-depth analysis of their rates and deals. That will take you just couple of minutes but it may save loads of money in the long run.

Remember also that while tariffs and deals are very important you should also check the mobile coverage in your area. It is something that you should not forget if you are living in a rural area or you want to enjoy 4G speeds. For your convenience we have our own mobile coverage webpage where you can easily see which infrastructure MVNOs use and directly go to interactive mobile coverage maps of all British operators.