Operators seek government’s support to provide 100% mobile coverage

Is having 100% mobile coverage in the UK worth the effort?
Is having 100% mobile coverage in the UK worth the effort?

British operators want the government’s help in order to expand mobile coverage to all of the UK.

Even though, we have been implementing 4G network quite fast, there are still a lot of British homes that can’t get a 3G mobile signal! To be more precisely the problem of having no 3G mobile coverage still affects around 6.1% of UK homes.  The government strives to resolve the problem of black spots by launching the mobile infrastructure project that promised to bring mobile coverage to the whole country by March 2015.  However, they have already postponed the deadline by a year.

Mobile Operators Association (MOA) revealed that British mobile providers will not reach 100% mobile coverage if the government does not somehow subsidize this idea. The operators said that they invest significantly more money into rural infrastructure to provide coverage to few people and this is unprofitable. MOA’s Director said that even though main operators share their networks to reduce costs, Vodafone works with O2 while EE collaborates with Three, they invest more per capita in rural areas than in urban ones.  Right now, mobile providers heavily develop their 4G mobile coverage which will support government’s goal of providing superfast broadband to all UK homes and business by 2017.

MOA proposes some changes to Electronic Communications Code which would pull down some barriers that right now restrict operators’ business.  The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is open to debate to find a consensus that will satisfy both parties and let the project move forward. Recently, there were rumours about the idea of introducing national roaming, so that operators would share masts to increase their mobile coverage and hopefully remove some black spots.