EE grown to become the biggest 4G provider in Europe

EE continues to develop at an amazing speed.
EE continues to develop at an amazing speed.

5.6 million customers was enough for EE to be named the largest 4G mobile operator in this part of the world.

British joint-operation of two multinational mobile operators, EE has amassed enough customers to be the biggest 4G network in the Old World. This fact surfaced as the provider disclosed its Q3 report in which they admitted to adding 1.4 million 4G customers in the last three months. As a result, the total number of both 4G PAYG SIM cards and post-paid ones at EE is 5.6 million, making the operator the largest 4G network in Europe. This is unprecedented growth as their 4G customer base increased fourfold during one year.

EE’s Q3 results also showed that it gained a significant amount of contract customers, while their PAYG SIM card customer base shrank by 11% year-on-year. Additionally, EE boasts having signed up another 700 corporate customers that use 4G. The trends also show that more than 80% of new customers choose a 4G tariff.  It is definitely to a large extent due to EE’s mobile coverage that now reaches to more than 48 million people that live in 281 towns and cities and more than 2,500 villages and small towns.

Even though EE has been growing its customer base, the financial results are rather stagnant. The operating revenue did not change a lot year on year as it went down by 1.2% from 1.54 billion pounds to 1.52. However, if we don’t take into consideration regulatory costs, their revenue was stable at 0% year-on-year.

The company wants to build on current results and see their future in revenues from data and providing customers with new double speed 4G. Additionally, they want to expand their range of services, for example, by adding EE TV, which is a TV smart box for freeview channels and on-demand video.