Talk Talk moves to O2 network

Is O2's mobile coverage a better choice for Talk Talk?
Is O2’s mobile coverage a better choice for Talk Talk?

An unexpected decision will result in Talk Talk customers taking advantage of O2 mobile coverage

Talk Talk is a well-established telecoms provider, the second to offer quadruple play service (TV, fixed line, broadband, mobile), which offered mobile services as MVNO. Since its beginnings in 2010, the company piggybacked on Vodafone’s mobile network.  This provider doesn’t have a strong position on the mobile services market and is much more known for its fixed line and broadband services. However, Talk Talk boasts having around 350,000 mobile phone customers (both contract SIM cards and PAYG SIM cards).

Pundits were surprised to hear that Talk Talk made a decision to change their network partner from Vodafone to O2. This was unexpected as for some time the rumours said that the MVNO will be sold to Vodafone. Nevertheless, the announcement dispersed that rumour as Talk Talk enters into a “multi-year” partnership with O2 which will share its 2G, 3G and 4G network. Thanks to this Talk Talk will have better mobile coverage (at least 4G one) and will now have to look to O2 mobile coverage checker to see where they have signal.

The mobile provider wants to capitalize on the trend to offer quadruple play services and the move to O2 is in their opinion beneficial to their growth in that sector.  Obviously, Vodafone is disappointed by this turn of events. Their spokesperson said that their four-year long cooperation had been good but they understand the decision.

If you are a Talk Talk customer or think about switching over, then first you should check their current mobile coverage through our website.