O2 introduces data sharing plans

O2 new plans may be of interest for tech-savy consumers
O2 new plans may be of interest for tech-savy consumers

O2 launched new plans for all pay monthly customers to share data across many devices.

On November 24, O2 announced that they are introducing two new plans dubbed “Sharer Plan” and “Family Sharer” to make sharing data between people and devices easier. Basically, these two new plans allow customers to use the same bundle on many SIM cards. The “Sharer Plan” is aimed at individuals that use multiple devices, while the “Family Sharer” plan is designed to cater for the needs of families.

The idea behind such plans came from recent research results which showed that there are over 70 million mobile devices in the UK, which means that an average Brit has 1.5 devices, while each household has 3 mobile gadgets on average. Based on that data, O2 decided to introduce a way for consumers to get one big bundle and use it across all devices.

Individuals, who wish to use one bundle in many devices, should select the “Sharer Plan”. The cost of opt in is £6 per month and it is available to any customer with at least 1GB of monthly data on O2 Refresh tariffs.  You can use one bundle on up to 10 devices, which means the lead device and 9 additional SIM cards.

The “Family Sharer” plan allows family members to get a data allowance bolt-on of between 1GB and 8GB and spread across up to 9 people.  An additional option to this plan is to get a £15 contract for each member of the family which will give unlimited call time and text messages. If you need “Family Sharer” just for data, for example for a tablet, then the cost is £6 a month.

Customers can check how much of their data allowance has been used through My O2 app and get a text notifications when they reach 80% of that and another one when it has been fully used. In such a case, they can get additional data bundles that start from £3.

In order to sign up for one of the plans you need to either visit an O2’s retail outlet or turn it on through the phone.