Huge increases of PAYG SIM card tariffs at Vectone and Lycamobile

Will customers move away from Lyca and Vectone after these price hikes?
Will customers move away from Lyca and Vectone after these price hikes?

Vectone and Lycamobile has recently raised their standard PAYG SIM card rates by around 50%

Two well-known MVNOs, Vectone and Lycamoble, changed their basic PAYG SIM card tariffs during last couple of weeks. This price hike touched mobile calls, landline calls and text messages.

In November (data from Nov, 4th) Vectone Mobile websites showed that mobile calls outside Vectone cost 10p/min, landline rate was 5p/min, while non-Vectone texts were at 10p per message. During our next check of British PAYG SIM card tariffs on Dec, 2, we noticed that calls to other networks rose by 50% to 15p/min, landline calls went up by 80% to 9p/min and texts rate was increased by 33% to 15p. These changes were introduced only to Vectone’s standard rates for PAYG SIM cards. Customers may take advantage of their Pocket Saver bundles which also gives access to discounted rates that basically are the rates valid before the price hike.

Lycamobile’s update of PAYG SIM card rates was of the same size. Customers now have to pay 15p per minute for mobile calls, 9p for landline calls and 15p for a text. This means that the rates were increased by 5p, 4p and 5p respectively. Additionally, Lyca also changed its international PAYG SIM card rates, particularly costs of international texts.  In this case, the update made the rate grow by 25% from 12p to 15p. If customers select one of the UK Plan bundles, then they are offered special lowered international and national rates. Special National tariff means that UK landline calls 5p/min, while mobile calls are for 10p/min.

Lyca and Vectone’s decisions to increase standard rates for their PAYG SIM card definitely isn’t a popular decision, however, thanks to their wide range of bundles customers may actually not feel that change too much.