Vodafone’s 4G roaming to be available in 40 countries

4G roaming at Vodafone now available in 40 countries
4G roaming at Vodafone now available in 40 countries

Vodafone plans to add another 17 countries to its 4G roaming mobile coverage by the end of this year.

Thanks to Vodafone’s Europe Zone and World Traveller deals, the customers may use their standard contract allowance when travelling outside the UK. It comes with a daily fee of £3 for Europe and £5 for the rest of the world. The deal is limited to a specific number of countries in which Vodafone has signed appropriate deals for 4G mobile coverage.

Now Vodafone announced that in time for Christmas and New Year, it will extend its deals to 17 new countries which means that customers will be able to use their British allowance in 40 foreign countries. New destinations that will offer 4G mobile coverage for Vodafone consumers are: Antigua and Barbuda, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Fiji, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Apart from the possibility to use contract minutes, texts and data bundles abroad, Vodafone contract customers will not be charged for receiving texts or calls and they will pay the Europe Zone or World Traveller deals only for the days they use mobiles abroad.

Vodafone’s timing is not a coincidence as roughly four million Brits go abroad during the Christmas and New Year period, so some of them might actually benefit from new countries being included in the Europe Zone and World Traveller deals still in 2014.