New service for buying foreign PAYG SIM cards is online

Would you buy a local PAYG SIM card before you travel?
Would you buy a local PAYG SIM card before you travel?

A Latvia-based company, Roamer, launched a worldwide PAYG SIM card shop for people who travel abroad.

Have you ever had problems to get a new local PAYG SIM card when travelling abroad? How to avoid all these alien instructions in crazy languages and country-based settings which are unique for every operator? These questions bothered the creators of Roamer, an app for saving on roaming. Basically, this application let’s people make and receive calls using their own regular number without any additional roaming costs. Moreover, if your friends also have Roamer then the call is completely for free. The problem is that it needs Wi-Fi connections to work. And unfortunately the Internet is not so widespread yet.

In order to go around the problem, Roamer introduced a new feature that allowed the customers to link any local SIM card with their regular number and call via Roamer just as they would do with their local number without access to the Internet. More importantly, if someone calls your everyday number you can pick it up using Roamer so there is no communication disruption. Roamer wanted also to help their customers get local pay as you go SIM cards so the company launched a new service: a worldwide PAYG SIM card shop. Now you can order local pay as you go SIM cards from more than 40 countries all around the world.  The offer is still quite limited and the price for a prepaid SIM varies from 10 to 30 euros. For example, if you want to get a PAYG SIM card working in the UK, Roamer offers a Spanish Orange PAYG SIM card Go Europe, which works all over the EU. Not the best deal on the British PAYG market though. Nevertheless, Roamer promises the delivery in 15 days to any place in the world and you are not limited to their shop. They say that their shop functions only to help Roamer customers not to earn money and the prices reflect the shipment and packaging costs.

Roamer is definitely an app to watch as it soon may become as popular as WhatsApp, especially among frequent travellers. We support any European start-ups that help lower the mobile phone bill and increase competitiveness on the EU market.