New countries added to Three’s Feel at Home service

Will Three attract more customers thanks to no roaming costs in Spain?
Will Three attract more customers thanks to no roaming costs in Spain?

Three UK announced that Spain and New Zealand will be part of Feel at Home programme from April this year which means they will become roaming-free zones for Three’s customers.

Holiday-makers are one of the consumer groups that have been recently pampered by all operators. All main mobile providers have some sort of deal that allows customers use their allowance when going abroad or use preferential rates (in case of PAYG SIM cards users). Customers not only can call, text and browse the Internet at standard rates but they also don’t have to pay for incoming texts and calls. In the beginning this was the result of new roaming regulations introduced by the EU, however, right now mobile operators extend their roaming services to countries all over the world.

One of such programmes is Three’s Feel at Home. Currently it allows contract customers to use their allowance in 16 countries without any additional costs. PAYG SIM card owners can also benefit from Feel at Home, but they need to convert their credit to add-ons in order to do so. The Feel at Home countries encompass 4 continents and include such countries like France, the USA, Israel, Hong Kong, and the Republic of Ireland. Dave Dyson, Three’s CEO, said that Feel at Home is a very popular service and since its launch over a million customers used it. Additionally, countries include in this programme equals roughly 50% of all foreign travels of Three customers.

The addition of Spain and New Zealand to the Feel at Home range before the summer holiday season is great news for consumers. While New Zealand is not the first-choice summer destination, Spain definitely is. The country is one of the most popular spots for Brits as an estimated 13 million people from the UK are expected to spend some time sunbathing in Spain. This is why Dyson predicts that due to the addition of Spain and New Zealand the service will be used by around 70% of all Three customers that go overseas.

Three’s Feel at Home offer is one of the best available on the market as both pay as you go SIM cards and postpaid SIM cards are eligible and most importantly it is offered free of charge. We are going to see more of these kinds of deals from other operators in the near future as roaming fees will have to be phased out by December in accordance with the EU’s vision of Connected Continent.

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