Enraged customer to pay £1200 for emojis

Sad  face emojii best describes Mrs Cochrane's situation
Sad face emojii best describes Mrs Cochrane’s situation

Some phones may cause your emojis to be send as MMSs as one customer found after getting a £1200 bill from EE.  

Paula Cochrane of Airdrie in Scotland was shocked to learn that sending smiley faces may lead to exorbitant mobile phone bill. She signed a two-year deal with EE in September last year and got a new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Her contract was £30.99 a month but her first bill amounted to little over £100.

She was worried but thought it’s due to her using the new smartphone more often. Nevertheless, she tried to sort it out in December and was horrified to learn that her next bill will cost her £449. EE customer service informed her that it was due to a vast amount of picture messages that she was supposedly sending. Paula didn’t feel guilty and felt that she is being scammed. It turned out that her Samsung Galaxy sent all emojis in her texts messages like they were additional MMSs.  Currently, Mrs Cochrane owes EE around £1200 for the period between September and February this year. She sees that the whole situation is “daylight robbery” and doesn’t want to foot the bill.

The lesson learned here is that if you are an owner of some older smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4 as well as Galaxy Note or Ace then watch out as they may treat emojis as picture messages.  Other phone producer didn’t report this kind of issues with their phones. All Samsung users should either refrain from sending icons, emoticons or symbols or change the settings of the messaging app. In order to avoid being in situation like Mrs Cochrane you should go to Input Mode which is a feature of text messages section of phone settings and select “UniCode” instead of “automatic”. Alternatively you may choose to use one of the texting apps available for smartphones like for example, WhatsApp or simple Facebook Chat. As a result you will not be charged for picture messages but instead use your data allowance.