Lycamobile sees future in 4G

How much 4G will affect MVNOs?
How much 4G will affect MVNOs?

The ethnic MVNO looks into 4G as many of the MVNO’s customers select 4G services

In an interview with Mobile, Lycamobile’s CEO Chris Tooley stated that his company is disproving the belief that MVNOs can’t get access to 4G as Lyca’s customers showed that even MVNO consumers are eager to try out 4G services. This ethnic MVNO mostly known for providing PAYG SIM cards with very good international rates has entered the 4G market. The operator has been offering new bundled offers as well as state of the art 4G services and believes that 2015 is all about data and multiplay services.

Chris Tooley underlined that the company has seen an increase in the amount of data services sold while their text and call time revenues remained the same.  Their strategy is to make customers use Lycamobile contracts or PAYG SIM cards as their primary or only mobile services. Currently, it is often the case that consumers use Lyca just for international calls and they change the SIM cards or phones for domestic usage.  Lyca’s CEO explained that “by offering services such as 4G we’re more likely to encourage customers to use Lycamobile as their sole provider”.

The buzzword of this year in telecommunications services is quadplay. Many operators strive to offer their customers all modern telecoms services in one package: landline, mobile, Internet and TV services. Lycamobile has no infrastructure to provide all of these services  but its CEO does not exclude a possibility that one day Lyca will be a player on the quadplay market. Nevertheless, this MVNO has a history of offering non-mobile services like their Lycamoney or Lycafly. Definitely, if the company ventures into different markets we might see services that will be catered for some ethnic minorities or immigrant workers rather than for example, a direct competition for BT or Sky in terms of TV.

We would like to see how a development of a classic ethnic MVNO into a diversified service provider will affect the company and their customers.