T-Mobile and Orange stopped signing up new customers

T-Mobile and Orange It's the end of five main operator brands. Who knows how many will stay by the end of the year?
It’s the end of five main operator brands. Who knows how many will stay by the end of the year?

EE announced that as of February 2, 2015, it stops selling Orange and T-Mobile plans and it won’t produce anymore PAYG SIM cards of these two brands.

It was believed that as a result of the deal with BT, EE will have to scrap their old brands, T-Mobile and Orange, by the time the operator is sold. Shortly after official announcement about the takeover, EE informed customers that their legacy brands are being phased out.

What it means is that since February 2 customers have not been able to get a monthly plan from direct sales channels like EE shops, while indirect channels offer T-Mobile and Orange contracts till the beginning of March. In terms of PAYG SIM cards, the published information says that EE has already stopped issuing new pay as you go SIM cards and all of these available in shops will become obsolete if not activated within a year. It is the last call if you want to become customer of any of the brands.

There are about 19 million customers in T-Mobile and Orange and the change will also affect them. They don’t need to sign a new contract straight away, but when the current one expires there will be no possibility to prolong it. EE has been actively promoting their 4G brand among that 19 million customers and it is said that already most of them are receiving exclusive deals to transfer their mobile services to EE. If you are a T-Mobile or Orange PAYG SIM card customer then it seems that EE will not force you to change the network but it hopes that the switchover will happen naturally as current T-Mobile and Orange pay as you go tariffs will not be updated so customers will eventually move to a network with better rates. It is still unknown how EE will try to attract their legacy brands’ PAYG SIM card customers to their 4G network.

EE explains the introduction of this idea by quoting their newest data which says that more than 90% of their new and upgrading customers choose EE over T-Mobile or Orange. As a result it won’t cause an upheaval if the brands are phased out as customers naturally go to EE. The 4G operator hopes to convert all T-Mobile and Orange customers to their 4G brand in the upcoming future and as so many people choose EE vast majority of customers will not feel forced to choose the new brand over the legacy ones. However, it is clear that EE did not expect such turn of events as last May its CEO stated that the T-Mobile and Orange brands “will stay for years” before finally phased out.