Talk Home increased PAYG SIM card rates

Will higher PAYG SIM card rates discourage some consumers?
Will higher PAYG SIM card rates discourage some consumers?

Recently we have seen a significant change in PAYG SIM card tariff at Talk Home, with some rates going up by 80%.

Talk Home Mobile is a MVNO that provides pay as you go SIM cards and its main goal is to provide affordable domestic rates and cheap international calls. Recently, the operator decided to update its tariffs to adjust them to current market. Unfortunately, this meant that their UK rates went up dramatically. On average, main PAYG SIM card rates were increased by 50%, but the highest increase was introduced for landline calls as the rate changed from 5p/min to 9p/min, a whopping 80% hike. Other rates that were changed are mobile calls, domestic and international texts (all from 10p to 15p) as well as data (new rate is 8p per Mb, previously 5p). Thankfully, this MVNO maintained its standing deal which gives its customers opportunity to call and text for free to other people with Talk Home PAYG SIM cards, as long as they top-up regularly. Tariff changes did not include international and roaming rates, so Talk Home still have competitive rates for international calls.

In order not to feel the tariff price hike so much, customers can use one of the bundles that Talk Home offers to its pay as you go SIM card customers. The MVNO has an extensive range of bundles available: from talk bundles, talk & text bundles or data bundles to all-you-can-eat options catering even for the needs of heavy Internet users. The bundle prices start at £5 and goes up to as high as £30 for the biggest package available (unlimited calls and texts plus 10GB of data). The value-for-money of the add-ons provided by Talk Home is extremely good. For example, a simple £5 bundle that gives customers 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100 Mb of data means that just for 5 quids they receive credit worth £38! This means that while the PAYG SIM card tariff increase may look gigantic, in reality using the bundles will mitigate any potential losses caused by that.

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