Vodafone is one of the main operators in the UK and the biggest one owned by a British capital. It’s also world’s second-largest mobile telecommunications company. This multinational mobile service provider works in over 30 countries. Vodafone has been incessantly working on the British mobile phone market since 1985. Currently, Vodafone UK, the British part of Vodafone Group, is the third largest player on the British Isles (behind O2 and EE).
In June 2012 Vodafone UK and O2 agreed on sharing their networks to create a single grid and increase mobile coverage for their customers. However, the operators continue to work on their own and have their own independent mobile spectrum.
Vodafone UK offers a variety of monthly plans as well as pay as you go SIM card tariffs.  While there is one PAYG tariff, Vodafone gives a range of Freebees that customers can claim when they top up for at least £10.

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Vodafone UK PAYG rates

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Vodafone Freebee PAYG rates


Vodafone PAYG Guide* (updated on 7.5.2015)
Calls to Vodafone,30p/min
Calls to other networks and landlines,30p/min
Texts,14p per txt
Data,£2 for 50MB (10p a MB after)
MMS,36p per message
International Calls,£1 /min (Europe); £1.5/min (World)
International Texts,24p/txt
Roaming Data, max. 19p/MB (Europe); £3/MB (World)
Minimum Top-up,£5
Minimum call charge is 1 minute

*Rates may vary depending on the type of chosen tariff and bundle. Please click on sim cards above to see operator’s website.

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